Friday, October 5, 2012

#5 Retail Windows

Visual merchandising is a huge part of the retail industry. The windows of a store is the first thing the consumer sees. Most people think that the set up of the clothes at the front of the store is the most important. I believe that the windows are. They are the hook. The creativity is what draws consumers into the store. As I was walking in the flat iron district the other day I came across two stores that had amazing windows and would definitely draw me in to come shop.

5th Ave between 18th & 19th

I absolutely love the way they used yarns in the backdrop behind the clothes. It goes perfectly with their words of "Layer up in sweaters". They also draw people in by picking the fall colors that everyone is dying to get their hands on right now. I'm also a big fan of the dress forms they use. I don't like the mannequins that places like H&M uses. When they have faces and fake hair it really freaks me out. By using these, consumers can picture themselves wearing the clothes. These windows are very true to Madewell's aesthetic. I think that is very important in this industry.

Kate Spade
5th Ave between 20th & 21st

I love love love the use of the crossword puzzles in the background. Even though the windows are pretty simple I think they stay true to Kate Spade. The crossword puzzles have some fall words on them which is perfect for this time. They are also displaying their best fall clothes in amazing colors. I don't love the mannequins, but they work with the way they displayed them.



  1. i love the Kate Spade windows! They're so creative and still stay true to the store. Madewell's windows are awesome too and I always end up walking into the store after seeing them. great post!

  2. I love these windows. The pictures are clear and the colors are vibrant no matter te time of the year. This makes me want to go visit the stores myself.

  3. I love the crosswords! Really cute idea! Great post!

  4. I love the Madewell window!!!I'm already a fan of the brand and this window wouldve definitely brought me into the store

  5. I like the use of yarn in the Madewell windows its so adorable for fall and it reminds me of this new art movement thats happening that I think is called yarn bombing or something where people secretly cover trees, and statues and other public objects in yarn. Like they knit a cover for things and it is so cute and fun. It's like graffiti but with yarn!

  6. Ive never been to a made well store and these images really make me want to go to one of there store, the use of the yarn is fab!

  7. I agree about the weird mannequins at H & M. They are just weird, especially right now with the wigs on them to look like Lana Del Rey. I love anything Kate Spade does so of course her windows are amazing and adorable!