Thursday, August 30, 2012

#1 Fashion Blogs I Love

Blogs have become a big part of social media throughout the past couple years. Before I came to NYC I read as many fashion blogs as I could. I did everything I could to learn anything about the fashion industry. There are so many blogs about fashion around, but these are a few of my favorites.

What Courtney Wore
Courtney Kerr is a fashion blogger from my home town of Dallas, Texas. I love to read her blog because I am able to get a taste of the sweet southern belle style that I don't get to experience in New York City. My style is a lot like hers, so I love to go to her blog for inspiration.

Ring My Bell

Ashley Madekwe is the fashionista behind this blog. She stars on the hit television show Revenge, but what attracts me to her blog is that she is from London, England. I'm obsessed with all things British, so I'm fascinated to see her London street style. She has a girly-girl style with a little grunge thrown in. I think it is the perfect mix.

The Sartorialist

Who could not love this blog? I'm inspired by each picture Scott Schuman puts on his blog. He captures the moment that I believe the wearer is trying to portray with their outfit. This was one of the first fashion blogs that I began to read. It inspired me to travel the world and draw inspiration from each culture.

I believe fashion blogs are a very important part of our industry today. I encourage you all to find a blog that you love and become inspired.



  1. blog looks great! these are some great sites can't wait to check them out :)

  2. I completely forgot that Courtney Kerr has a blog! I used to watch that show she was in and dang she always came off as a total b*tch! but needless to say, she always had great fashion! :) Glad to be in class with a fellow texan!

  3. cute background! it kinda reminds me Victoria Secret. Great sites too!

  4. I really like the What Courtney Wore blog. She mixes great pieces together and has some great ideas. I like how she also uses stores that have a great price point for the everyday girl. Thanks for showing us this blog

  5. I think I get why you like Ashley's blog so much! Just by skimming through someone's blog, you can get a feel of the way someone thinks and if their blogs personalized enough then you feel like you know them. I'd love to find some of my favorite actors/actresses blogs so that I too could get to know them a little bit better other than by their works.