Saturday, September 29, 2012

#4 New York Times Blog

The New York Times in my opinion is one of the best newspaper publications that our nation has. From world news, sports, arts and travel the NY Times keeps us up to date on everything happening in the world. Naturally I love the Fashion & Style section that The Times offers. For those of you that aren't up to date on the fashion scene, i'm going to pick apart an article from the style section, and help you understand exactly what Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson are trying to portray.

Here is the article:

A fashion reporters language consists of five things.
1. Silhouette/Design
2. Details
3. Color
4. Fabric
5. Creative "Jargon"

Keep this in mind when reading any publication related to fashion.
This article in particular  is recapping some of the moments from London Fashion Week.

The first show Cathy writes about is Philip Treacy. Mr. Treacy is a legendary hat designer. Lady Gaga wears a lot of his designs.

His 2012 hat show was described as being quintessentially British. The hats had punk feathers, lagoons of swirling straw, a huge saucer with a yellow happy face. When you think of these words you don't think hats, but that is the brilliance of Philip Treacy. She only described his hats with details and color. no fabric or design was discussed, so if you don't see pictures your mind is left to imagine.

Next Cathy talked in much detail about Christopher Bailey's Burberry show.
She loved the color of metallic tones such as inky blue, fuchsia, copper, pink, and green. Cathy explains how these colors are what you see in the city standing on a bridge over the Thames River. I one hundred percent agree with her statement. When I traveled to London I loved seeing all the colors at night. It was absolutely beautiful. She then talks about the silhouette of his famous trench coat. She describes it as being cut corset tight in pleated satin. Cathy was very impressed by how Mr. Bailey was inspired by London itself and brought that into every aspect, even the tinted vinyl handbags.

Next up, Tom Ford.
Cathy describes his collection as streamlined, with a new interpretation of biker shorts. He uses a trim popover top with patches of black patent leather. We can definitely picture that in our heads. It totally captures the essence of London.

She also briefly mentioned Mary Katrantzou's postage-prints and Simone Rocha's cotton eyelet separates. When Cathy uses fabric description it makes it much easier for the known fashion connoisseur to understand what she is talking about.

She also uses the terms color blocking, stripes and neon jolt. These are all terms that most people understand. Cathy's articles are very easy to understand if you stop and think of the adjectives she is using.

Throughout this article Cathy focuses on how these designers looked to London with its originality and creativity to inspire them for their collections.

When describing Christopher Kane, Thomas Tait, and J.W. Anderson, Cathy uses many fashion terms that directly correlate with the atmosphere of London.
She talks about the impressive free hand quality in the cutting, a great sense of judgement, contemporary spirit with a solid sense of couture, and a sophisticates sense of sensuality. I couldn't have summed up London fashion any better.

In this article in particular she refers to a lot of fabrics such as striped knits, stretch satin, jersey, and leather. She also uses some creative jargon such as lanky, gel squiggles, wing nuts, and wormed.

Hopefully now you are able to understand the crazy way we describe fashion. Just remember the five key classifications and you will be fine.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrity Style of the Week

Sophia Bush is a gorgeous brunette who is very passionate about the work and causes she stands for. She blew up our television screens for nine years as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. I've related to her style for many years now. She tends to stay very classic, and isn't afraid to throw on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and some converse. I think that most people in their 20's can relate to Sophia's style.

Sophia's style is so effortless. She doesn't try too hard, and she dresses how any normal young woman would.

If you have missed Sophia on your television you can check her out on her new comedy Partner on Monday nights 8:30/7:30 central.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#3 Style From The New York City Streets

One perk of going to school and living in New York City is that I get to experience first hand the amazing unique style that people have here. I'm immersed into it every day. Since fashion week was last week people have stepped up their fashion game. I have noticed a few things that have really stood out recently on the streets.

Animal Print



Menswear Inspired


Bold Prints



I love all of these looks and I am so glad to see them all on the streets. I can't wait to see how they evolve in the next few weeks.

What's your favorite street style look? 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrity Style Of The Week

Catherine Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, is one of my main style icons. She looks effortlessly flawless every time she steps out the door. Whether she is dolled up for an event or just out doing her weekly grocery shopping, Kate Middleton is the epitome of classic British fashion.

Kate is well known for being an outfit repeater. Most people in the fashion world think of this as taboo, but I greatly admire her for it. She lets people know that she is just a normal girl like most of us. She frequents the UK based fashion brand Reiss, and is seen wearing their fashions often. She doesn't have to spend thousands of dollars to stay fashionable, which I think is a good lesson for every fashion savvy girl. In most of her evening wear she tends to lean towards Alexander McQueen, with head designer now Sarah Burton, who also designed her gorgeous wedding gown.

Kate in two different Reiss Dresses.

Kate in Alexander McQueen

Kate has a very classic style with a twist. She keeps it safe but still fashionable which I believe to be a very hard thing to do. Fashion is built on a very thin line but she does a great job with keeping on track. She is always elegantly styled every time she steps out for a party or on a red carpet. Any woman would strive to have the elegance and class that she possesses.

Here are some of her amazing evening wear looks.

Even when the duchess is dressed in casual wear she still looks chic. Her petite figure, gorgeous brunette hair, and flawless skin are just the cherries on top to her style. She doesn't have to do much to look beautiful, but just throwing on a pair of jeans, boots, and a jumper (sweater) and vest is enough for her. She also tends to wear blazers, which compliment her figure.

Her signature nude L.K Bennet pumps are absolutely to die for. She wears them all the time which I absolutely love and admire. I can't wait to get my hand on a pair for myself. In the U.S. we can now buy them at Nordstrom or an L.K.Benent store if you are close to one. These pumps are perfectly paired with almost any outfit. They are a great way to wear a heel but still look classy at the same time.

Here she is wearing the nude pumps

You can't deny that Princess Kate has impeccable style. I'm so glad that we are now in such a digital age that we are able to see her outfits from across the pond. I will forever cherish what she has to offer to the fashion world. I can't wait to see her next outfit.

What "Classy Kate" outfit do you have in your wardrobe?


Friday, September 14, 2012

Tea Talk

I never go a day without tea. You probably figured that out by the name of my blog. I found all of these cute pictures on pinterest. I hope you enjoy. Keep calm and drink tea!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Polka Dots Galore!

In my life polka dots are always in, but when doing my fall shopping I saw polka dots on everything you could possibly imagine! This makes me so happy! Who doesn't need a little polka dot love in their life!?


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrity Style Of The Week

As most of you may know I am fairly obsessed with the British boy band One Direction. From their hair, to their eyes, to their music these boys can't go wrong. One of the main reasons I love them so much is that they are actually talented. They aren't a part of todays mainstream auto tuned filled pop music. They have beautiful pure voices that could light up the heart of any girl. If I'm going to listen to an artist or invest in their music I ALWAYS make sure that it isn't fake. I like to know that I am contributing to someone's passion not their job.

In addition to their musical abilities they have impeccable style. Whether on the stage or hanging out in London these boys have an effortlessly chic way of exposing their UK inspired style. When all together in a group the boys are coordinating but never matching.They take their influences from collegiate elegance and always keep us wanting more.

Each boy has their own signature look that the mega fans always associate them with.

Louis always wears stripes. It's rumored that they other boys aren't allowed to wear stripes. Louis is known as the funny one, so I think the print is a great representation of his personality.

Harry's signature look is a blazer. He is known as the flirt and has the easiest way with the ladies. I think the blazer is a good choice for him because it shows he is flirty but in a nonchalant way.

Niall's signature look is the polo. A lot of times he is seen wearing a baseball cap as well. Niall is know as the fun flirty Irish one. I think that the polo's definitely work for him.

Liam is the serious and responsible one. He is seen wearing vests and button up plaid shirts most of the time. I think his style definitely reflects his personality. The boys have said that he is the one that always makes sure that they are on time. His business casual look reflects that trait.

Zayn is known as the moody and intense one. His signature piece is a varsity jacket.He has a very sporty style and usually stays true to that look. I think his style goes very well with his personality because most of the varsity jocks I know tend to be on the moody side.

In addition to their signature looks the boys don't stray far from London street style when it comes to shoes and hats. They are often seen wearing a pair of chucks (or converse to us here in the states). They are also big fans of the knitted beanies and caps (baseball caps).

Overall I'm completely in love with their style. I have always been more into european style over American style. I believe that they can be inspiring to many designers here in the states to bring the classic more chic and put together look back into our wardrobes.