Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome to my world in NYC!
I originally started this blog for an assignment in my creative fashion presentations class at FIT. I have decided though that I am going to continually update this blog more than just once a week per my class. I'm very excited to have this blog on my own and to post more things related to Fashion. You may know that I have another blog with my sister here. We update that one together on a fairly regular basis with everything we are up to in the city.

I will start this post with a few things about me..

I'm 19
Fashion student at FIT
I wish I was british
Love polka dots
Born and Raised in Texas
Obsessed with the show FRIENDS
Sister, Daughter, Best Friend
Love all British Music
Obsessed with my puppy
I have a shopping addiction
and much much more!!

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  1. I like your lady like blog it fits you perfectly !