Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrity Style Of The Week

As most of you may know I am fairly obsessed with the British boy band One Direction. From their hair, to their eyes, to their music these boys can't go wrong. One of the main reasons I love them so much is that they are actually talented. They aren't a part of todays mainstream auto tuned filled pop music. They have beautiful pure voices that could light up the heart of any girl. If I'm going to listen to an artist or invest in their music I ALWAYS make sure that it isn't fake. I like to know that I am contributing to someone's passion not their job.

In addition to their musical abilities they have impeccable style. Whether on the stage or hanging out in London these boys have an effortlessly chic way of exposing their UK inspired style. When all together in a group the boys are coordinating but never matching.They take their influences from collegiate elegance and always keep us wanting more.

Each boy has their own signature look that the mega fans always associate them with.

Louis always wears stripes. It's rumored that they other boys aren't allowed to wear stripes. Louis is known as the funny one, so I think the print is a great representation of his personality.

Harry's signature look is a blazer. He is known as the flirt and has the easiest way with the ladies. I think the blazer is a good choice for him because it shows he is flirty but in a nonchalant way.

Niall's signature look is the polo. A lot of times he is seen wearing a baseball cap as well. Niall is know as the fun flirty Irish one. I think that the polo's definitely work for him.

Liam is the serious and responsible one. He is seen wearing vests and button up plaid shirts most of the time. I think his style definitely reflects his personality. The boys have said that he is the one that always makes sure that they are on time. His business casual look reflects that trait.

Zayn is known as the moody and intense one. His signature piece is a varsity jacket.He has a very sporty style and usually stays true to that look. I think his style goes very well with his personality because most of the varsity jocks I know tend to be on the moody side.

In addition to their signature looks the boys don't stray far from London street style when it comes to shoes and hats. They are often seen wearing a pair of chucks (or converse to us here in the states). They are also big fans of the knitted beanies and caps (baseball caps).

Overall I'm completely in love with their style. I have always been more into european style over American style. I believe that they can be inspiring to many designers here in the states to bring the classic more chic and put together look back into our wardrobes.


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